The army of drones will plant 100,000 trees a day in Myanmar

Drones for gardeners

In September this year, the delta of the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar will be deserted, but very lively. Here, on 250 hectares, a trial planting of trees starts at a speed of 100,000 copies per day. At the same time all the work will be done by robots.

British company BioCarbon Engineering together with the organization Worldview International Foundation intends to transform the process of recultivation of the deforested forests of Myanmar. Over the past 5 years, 2.5 million trees have been manually planted here, but this figure does not compare with what the drones can do. The technology has already been tested – now the machines go to a permanent job.

Drones for gardeners

The first echelon of multicopters is engaged in reconnaissance: collects data on the type of soil, humidity, studies the topology of the terrain, maps. Then an optimal seeding plan is developed, which has only one goal: to ensure the survival of the maximum seedlings. And then the army of drones enters the battle. Their task – to pass over the ground, firing it from the air guns capsules with seeds and fertilizers. The rate of such artillery sowing is 100,000 trees per day.

Drones aim before the shot and do not fire the capsule into a rock or swamp. Each capsule pierces deep enough into the ground to prevent the wind from blowing away the seeds. After this, a team of drones-observers will patrol the terrain and track the process of seed germination, using the principles of machine learning. Similar technologies are being developed in NASA for projects on the arrangement of plantations in space and the development of new planets without human participation.

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