Clumsy, but impressive – the robot “Eagle Prime” is finally ready for battle

Eagle Prime

This battle was waited for years, because the challenge was thrown back in 2015. American company MegaBots Inc. and Japanese Suidobashi Heavy Industries planned for the current August battle of two monstrodal giant robots. Something in between paintballs in paintball and wrestling, where much depends on the specific capabilities of iron cars.

In late spring, “Team America” ​​showed a draft version of its warrior, called “Eagle Prime” (Superior Eagle), but now the web is the final presentation video with a demonstration of the “fighting” capabilities of the colossus. The main goal, to impress the viewer, the Americans managed to achieve.

Eagle Prime

At the withers, on the raised legs, the robot reaches 5 m in height, it weighs 12 tons and cost the creators a solid $ 2.5 million. Power plant power 430 hp. even allows it to accelerate, to effectively enter the turns, but neither jump nor run a caterpillar monster can not. And as a whole loses to toy analogues in mobility.

Manage the robot two people, a pilot and gunsmith, at the disposal of which are two fundamentally different types of weapons. A large pincer with a pneumatic drive, able to tear off the door of a rusty car, and an enlarged version of the “ballpoint”, which shoots large balls with such force that they break up the plastic barrels. Accuracy, alas, limps even from 10 m.

Eagle Prime Robot

The Americans have taken their step – now everyone is waiting for the answer from the Japanese, who are not in a hurry to reveal the secrets of their warrior. Only the name “Kuratas” is known, and the fact that his American opponent has already hit a transatlantic opponent for a living. At the last test show, Eagle Prime brazenly destroyed two Toyota Prius cars, and the Japanese did not respond to the insult.

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