The Russian doctor implanted himself with the sixth electronic chip

Subcutaneous chips

Obstetrician-gynecologist Alexander Volchek from Novosibirsk dreams about implant-glucometer and selects a model of a new implant cryptosystem. For the first time he installed a chip under his skin in 2014 – it was a simple carrier of the client access code of one of the local ski resorts. And then a series of fascinating experiments began.

All the chips in the physician’s body are of different sizes, from 1.5х8 mm to 2х12 mm. They are made in the form of a tiny tube of inert to the human body glass, inside which a ferrite core with a winding and a microcircuit. If necessary, such a capsule can be removed almost without pain. Or put a few more – at will.

Alexander Volchek

This can be compared with a tattoo – at first unusual and curious, but then the chip becomes ordinary, and you begin to bring your hand to the unlocking lock almost automatically. Alexander uses analogues of keys for doors and turnstiles at work, a business card, an authorization system in a personal computer, storage devices for storing other important passwords. But these are simple accessories, and as a developer, he is now working on an implant-microprocessor, with a wide range of functions.

Subcutaneous glucometer – a different level of implantation. The technical base for creating such devices already exists, but there is an organizational, psychological question. This is not a passive device, but an unrecyclable device, from the round-the-clock work of which depends on a person’s life. Not everyone will agree to trust the novelty so much, but innovators like Alexander Volchek or surgeon Vladimir Khoroshev are sure that this is the inevitable future of mankind.

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