Goodyear showed car tires that produce oxygen

It has long been common to call cars the kind of public transport that pollutes the atmosphere of our planet. Therefore, the transition to an electric vehicle is justified not only from the economic, but also from the ecological point of view. However, Goodyear has gone further and wants to make machines useful to the environment. To this end, tires have been developed that can produce oxygen.

The new tires are called Oxygene, and, according to the New Atlas edition, the conceptual product has a special structure, so that live moss could be placed under their tires. According to representatives of Googyear, such tires will be able to absorb carbon dioxide and moisture from the air to feed the moss inside the tire. In return, moss will produce pure oxygen. Googyear assumes that a fleet of 2.5 million vehicles with Oxygene tires installed for the year will produce about 3,000 tons of oxygen and absorb about 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

But that’s not all! New tires use the energy they receive to partially power the car’s electronics. Namely, a number of sensors, such as parktronics and a data processing unit. The tire projector will be manufactured using 3D printing from rubber powder obtained from recycled tires, and the Oxygene tires themselves will use Li-Fi technology (Light Fidelity) to communicate with other cars and smart road devices infrastructure.

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