Pacific Drone Challenge – the first ever flight of a drone at 8,300 kilometers

It’s only military unmanned aerial vehicles that are able to make flights to far enough distances. But soon such “long-lived” drones can appear in the consumer segment. As part of the Pacific Drone Challenge, teams from different parts of the world will have to assemble an unmanned aerial vehicle that can cross the Pacific without stopping for recharging.

The distance that will be necessary to overcome the drones, is equal to 8300 kilometers. The starting point is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Japan, and the end of the route is in the Silicon Valley in the United States. The organizers of the Pacific Drone Challenge plan that its participants will be able to develop fundamentally new types of unmanned aerial vehicles based on innovative technologies to achieve the goal.

Now the longest flight belongs to a drone who overcame the English Channel in 72 minutes. But this is still not enough, because, according to the most conservative estimates, to overcome the distance of 8,300 kilometers, the drone will need to stay in the air a few dozen times more. In addition to the condition of impossibility of stopping for additional charge during the flight, the organizers no longer make any demands on manufacturers.

It is worth noting that the drones of the structure necessary to overcome the Pacific Ocean already exist. For example, the company Sabrewing Aircraft Company (which expressed the desire to participate in the competition) has been working for several years on the development of a fixed-wing unmanned aircraft equipped with four propellers driven by electric motors. He, according to technical and technological characteristics, is able to land and take off from the standard strip of a small airfield, and the maximum range of its flight is 8800 kilometers. The competition Sabrewing Aircraft Company at the moment is the Japanese corporation iRobotics. However, the Japanese prefer not to spread the specifications of their drones.

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