It seems that next year Microsoft will release a bendable tablet with phone functions

Next year, Microsoft will release a completely new type of device, the Windows Central website reports, referring to its own unnamed sources. In the article there is a couple of sketches, on which is depicted a tablet bent in half. In the expanded form, the user can use it as an ordinary tablet, folded in half the device allows you to keep it in the manner of a smartphone and make calls.

The source emphasizes that it’s difficult to call a smartphone a device. It rather resembles a digital notebook with the function of handwriting. Yes, already familiar to Surface users, the stylus will also be present in the gadget bundle.

When the device is expanded, the application associated with OneNote will be launched immediately, but since the gadget will run under Windows 10, the usual start menu and desktop will not disappear. In parallel with the OS, the CShell shell will be installed on it, capable of scaling the image for different diagonal of the display. Apparently, folded in half the device will be a kind of smartphone under Windows 10 Mobile, displaying the full “screen menu” METRO, but not fact. Who knows what Microsoft will do this time?

Almost the same functional, but more portable in comparison with Surface Pro device will be useful for students, teachers, engineers, designers or journalists, so Microsoft Corporation, according to rumors, will promote the device in the corporate segment.

While it is not clear whether the device will support Win32-applications, but such a solution would look quite logical, even if we consider that the gadget will not compete with the iPhone and Android at all desire, the extra applications will definitely not interfere with it. We must admit that the set of programs currently available in the Windows store is not great, to put it mildly, that’s why sooner or later you still have to use third-party sources to install this or that program.

While the questions remain: will the gadget have a physical keyboard, at least in the form of a plug-in, how will the transition from the decomposed display to the folded one be implemented, what will be the characteristics of the gadget and how much will it cost and, most importantly, will it ever appear? And then already there were cases. We’ll see in 2018.