Chinese company promises to release a real flexible smartphone this year

Flexible displays are becoming an increasingly popular trend. For example, they are very interested in such companies as Samsung and LG. True, it should be noted that we have not yet seen truly flexible products based on flexible displays. But everything can change already this year. Chinese startup Moxi Group announced that it plans to launch this year a truly flexible smartphone.

To be glad while the truth rather early. We are unlikely to see any bizarre clone Galaxy S7 with the function of “get into a tube.” According to the executive vice president of Moxi Group, Chun Shen Yu, the company’s first flexible smartphone will use a black and white display based on electronic ink.

“Black and white phones are much easier to produce,” – shared Yu in an interview with the news agency Bloomberg.

“In addition, unlike black and white models, the power consumption of color models is much higher.”

How much will such a miracle device with a black and white screen cost? Very biting $ 760, according to CNN Money. At launch, the device will be available only in China, but if the demand for it is high enough, then, according to Moxi Group, this will open the door for sales of new items outside of their native country. What is interesting is that the plans of the company are just beginning. Yu said that the company’s first smartphone with a color flexible display will appear on the market as early as 2018.


To create flexible displays, the company uses a layer of graphene (produced from the thinnest layer of carbon atoms, arranged in such a way that they endow the material with high conductivity). Of course, not all the device will be flexible. In the end, it is much more expensive and more difficult to produce flexible batteries than flexible displays. Therefore, at one end of the device there will be a module, which will contain all the components that can not be bent.