The dam in the Netherlands was highlighted without electricity

Several years ago, the Dutch government decided to implement the Icoon Afsluitdijk project, the essence of which is to make all national roads energetically neutral. Among other items, it includes the use of luminous algae instead of lighting and the production of renewable energy. The first object with ecologically clean illumination was the Afsleytdeyk dam, whose length is almost 30 kilometers, and the width is 90 meters.

The dam was built at the beginning of the 20th century, blocking the Zuylersee Bay in the North Sea, and combining with it Northern Holland and Friesland. Now a large highway passes through it and drives up to 20,000 cars a day, that’s why its engineers from Roosegaarde decided to cover it first, covering the dam with reflective paint and light scattering prisms. Now the bridge glows from the headlights of passing cars and it does not need electricity.

The project is going to be implemented until 2030, experimenting with various natural lighting, for example, fluorescent algae.

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