Solid Power and BMW will create solid-state accumulators of the new generation

The other day the companies signed an agreement on cooperation, within the framework of which a new type of battery will be developed, which will allow the performance of batteries for electric vehicles to be brought to a new level. According to the statement published on the Solid Power website, the company already has the necessary developments, BMW will also promote Solid Power technologies in the electric car market.

Solid-state accumulators are an improved version of modern lithium-ion batteries in which the liquid electrolyte is replaced by a solid conductive material. Thanks to this modification, the batteries have a solid durability, higher capacity and can be reloaded faster. In addition, the probability of an explosion or fire of the battery is significantly reduced.

Engineers of the American company Solid Power have achieved a significant cost reduction in the production of new type of batteries, so in the future we can expect a fall in prices for electric vehicles, one of the most expensive components of which are just the batteries.

The amount of the deal between the two companies has not been disclosed, nor has it been reported about any timeframes for the novelty to appear on the market, but judging by the fact that BMW is working on the creation of several models of electric cars, the German Auto Concern will be equipped with the Solid Power batteries in the next few years.