Waymo showed how robobemobiles “see” the world around them

In order for the mobile cars to become an integral part of our daily life, they need not only be finalized. It is necessary to make people learn to trust them. With a conventional car, everything is more or less clear: behind the wheel is a driver who has been taught to steer for several months, press on pedals and navigate the city on road signs. And until he began to do it perfectly, no one will allow him to drive around the city. But there are no drivers in Waymo cars. Machines go by themselves, which is very alarming. To acquaint people with how unmanned cars “see” the world, Waymo, which develops technologies for unmanned vehicle management, shared a new video that demonstrates how the autopilot works.

A panorama video published by developers on YouTube allows you to view in detail many nuances: see how lidars, radars and car cameras work, collecting the necessary autopilot information. The main “hero” of the video is one of the hybrid minivans, at which the Waymo developers are testing their unmanned technologies. The company invites viewers to “ride” along with Pacifica Hybrid to look at the world with its own “eyes.”

Waymo has been developing unmanned driving technology for more than five years. During this time, the autopilots created by the company’s experts have in total traveled more than eight million kilometers and continue to train, passing daily as real kilometers on the roads of different cities, and “winding” huge distances on a special simulator, learning to ride safely on public roads. Apparently, now the developers are fairly confident in themselves and their offspring, once decided to show his work from the inside.

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