Fly Elephant: the first flying 3D printer

It would seem, what can the manufacturers of 3D printers surprise, if even a liquid metal can be used for printing? But the Chinese company DediBot still managed to do something unique: a flying 3D printer Fly Elephant. Well, or, if you want, a drones with built-in 3D printing.

Under the six Fly Elephant rotors, the equipment for 3D printing Open-ended Additive Manufacturing (OAM) is installed, which can output any material for 3D printing through a special extruder. In addition, the device is accurate enough and allows you to print with an accuracy of 0.1 millimeter.

In addition, a flying 3D printer can work together with other similar devices. A swarm of such printers can create one detail from different materials. In addition, plus this approach is that the size of the final product is not limited to the workspace, as in most desktop 3D printers.

There is a significant drawback in the drone: a short battery life. But DediBot plans to equip the device with wireless charging technology. In any case, the presented model is only a test sample, and the Chinese continue to improve and develop the device, which at the moment seems extremely promising. Just imagine: a swarm of drones independently “prints” buildings and other objects of architecture with practically no human participation!

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