New Honda electric cars will be charged in 15 minutes

The site Nikkei Asian Review reports that Honda is developing a new prototype battery for electric cars, which can be fully charged in just 15 minutes. According to the representatives of the automotive company, the new batteries will be completed by the year 2022.

In development there are also some cars in which “fast” batteries will start to put. According to the calculations of engineers, new cars will be able to drive on one charge up to 250 kilometers.

Now most cars on electric power are being charged for a long time. The smartest of them requires 40 minutes to one and a half to two hours to charge batteries up to 80%, and even if there is a high-speed charging station. On the usual this number will not work. Therefore, the appearance of new Honda batteries will be very useful.

While the development continues, Honda continues to use Panasonic batteries, which will be installed including fully electric cars of the company – several models are planned to be released for Japan and Europe in the next 18 months.